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Gift wrapping for a modern world.™
Gift wrapping for a modern world.
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Just peel & stick gift boxes.

All-in-One. No scissors. No tape. No hassle.

Patent Pending | 62/775,345 and 62/803,349


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Easy + Convenient

Peel-and-stick adhesives on the edges of the uniquely die-cut wrapping paper and the convenient all-in-one packaging allow you to easily wrap a perfect gift!

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Apparel, electronics, books, toys/games, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, fragrances, fashion accessories, lingerie, purses/bags, handmade items, & many more!

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Gift wrapping for a modern retail landscape.


General Supply Stores

Do you operate a general supply store?

A perfect addition to your gifting and party supply section/aisle. Delight your customers with a convenient solution for their on-the-go gift wrapping needs.

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Do you sell products online?

Deliver simplicity and convenience with a great “Add to Cart” item that can easily be included with your customer’s purchase for economical shipping.


Retail | Brands

Do you sell a specific line of products?

An easy to display “Add-on” offer near POS systems to increase customer satisfaction and keep gifting in the minds of your customers.



Do you gift wrap for your customers?

Cloaked Box allows your staff to efficiently wrap the perfect gift for your customers. Contact us for a no-retail packaging version at a lower unit cost.



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